Basic Center Program

The residential program houses run away, homeless, and at risk youth ages 12-17, up to 21 days. 24 hour crisis line for information and referrals

(586) 465-1212

Transitional Living Program

The residential program assists older teens and young adults (ages 16-20) that are at risk of becoming homeless or are homeless.

(586) 477-1855


Rapid Re-Housing Program

 Assists young adults (ages 18-24) with locating housing and provides financial assistance until participant can be self-sufficient

(586) 277-1046

What Our Youth Say

"I came to the TLP program from a domestic violence case. They all helped me get a job and make a resume. They helped me with clothes, shoes, and hygiene products. Ms. Nicole helped me emotionally. We would play cards and talk about what was going on, what I was thinking and feeling. They helped me learn to be on my own, it will always be a struggle for me but I knew after I left them that I can do it on my own with just a lil help here and there. I have been gone from the program for about 6 years now and I still am able to call and talk to Ms. Nicole for what ever am going through at the time." – Beth

“I’m more comfortable about myself and I have more self-motivation.”

“They [the staff] showed me how important I am to them and they showed me how to be a responsible young man. I’m glad that I came here, these people really care about me and they helped me find myself and got my life back on point” 041 (2018)

“I came to FYI saying to myself that it’s just another program and that they are going to teach boring stuff. I realized that I was wrong. FYI is more than just another program, it actually helps you through problems but you have to be willing to do the work." 067

"From the month of May until August, my life has changed. I was at FYI (shelter) where they welcomed me with open arms. From there, they helped me set up my interview for the TLP. Soon after, I was accepted. They (TLP) helped me get on my feet, I graduated high school, and now I’m on my way to college. Being at FYI changed my life." 061 (2018)

"The TLP gave me a safe place to live when I was homeless. I was about to turn 21 and only had a few months to stay at the TLP. The TLP helped me get 2 jobs, save money, and find an apartment all before I turned 21. They helped pay my first months rent and security deposit so I could keep the money I had saved up. " - Kristian

“When I first came to FYI I was shy and scared but soon FYI began to grow on me. Now I feel independent for today and the past is behind me and I’m looking toward the future and a better life. Thank you FYI, I now know what I have to do to succeed."114 (2012)

"The TLP helped me a lot, they helped me get a job and keep it. I was there top client they always encourage me to volunteer even when I didn't want to I still did. The TLP also helped me with my homework I got good grades and kept them up. I learned a lot of skills like problem solving, speaking up for myself, cooking different types of food, making new friends, there's no place I would rather be then be at the TLP." -217

“I learned how to cook certain foods and how to focus on my work, learned manners and how to respect my mom and handle my business.”

“When I needed FYI they were right there too catch me when I had fallen. It started with the Shelter. I was welcomed with open arms and friendly faces. They had helped me pick myself up and stand on my feet. They were there for every concern and problem I had. They had helped prepare me for what had waited ahead. When the time had come they had helped me get accepted into their long term residency program down the street called the TLP. They were there even as nervous as I was. They supported me every step of the way. When I had finally gotten accepted they had celebrated with me. As I departed from the shelter and in to the TLP I had no clue was in store for me.  Whatever I had expected was not what I got, a safe haven. Everyone was so friendly and inviting. The atmosphere was safe. They had helped me discover more about myself than I had even known. Taught me valuable life lessons and skills I will keep with me always. As well as have prepared me for adventures yet to come.” (2019/2020)