A Mindful Minute

Mindfulness is essentially the practice of living in the moment. It is letting go of what has happened, along with, not stressing about future events. Typically, when someone is mindful in the moment, we see a decrease in stress and anxiety.
Practicing mindfulness sometimes feels like it is easier said than done but even if you just take one minute to check in with your mind and body, it can make a huge difference!
I encourage the youth here at FYI to often take a minute, turn off their brains, and focus on how they are feeling. By doing this, for example, they might notice that they are breathing rapidly due to anxiety and can take some time to take a few deep breathes to help calm themselves down.
So give it a try! Close your eyes, stop all distracting thoughts that may enter your mind, and notice without judgement how you may be feeling.
Whatever that may be (stress, anxious, angry, tired, or even hungry!) take a moment to recognize it and use some self-care after if needed. You may be surprised how much better you feel after.
Dana Jendrusina, LLMSW
Therapist at Family Youth Interventions

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