Self-care through a Pandemic

It has certainly been a stressful beginning of 2020! No one expected as we begun the year to be living through a global pandemic. With the fear to remain healthy, on top of, being laid off from work, homeschooling the kids, not seeing friends and family, and just being stuck inside, the stress has been adding up.

Due to this it is more important than ever to ensure we are taking time to care for ourselves through self-care activities. This can be done through a majority of coping skills and hobbies you enjoy. This could be anything form reading, going on a walk, deep breathing, coloring, crafting, and so much more!

I would encourage anyone, especially during this time, to schedule at least an hour into your busy week to take time for some self-care.

An activity I use a lot with the youth at TLP is art therapy. So, if you have trouble finding a coping skill, search online for a coloring page, print it out, and take some time for yourself to just enjoy doing some art!

Take care of yourself!

Dana Jendrusina, LLMSW

Therapist at Family Youth Interventions

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